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Middle School


The transitional years of a student during middle school are crucial. Encouraging students to be more conscientious concerning forming successful habits and responsibilities is a priority. We hold our students accountable as they develop into young adults so the concept of their choices and consequences will take on a real meaning; furthermore, we strive to develop the hearts and minds of our students through meaningful, engaging, and rigorous instruction that will empower them to be academically and socially equipped to excel in high school and beyond. 


Our students will be involved in a variation of activities in which academic and cognitive skills will be enhanced as they develop a deeper understanding of and connection to the subject matter.  The Go Math Program continues in sixth grade and seventh graders take Pre-Algebra with skills aligned to the Georgia state standards for that class.  Eighth grade students are taught algebra by the high school math teachers where skills are refined and expanded. The social studies curriculum explores the people, cultures, and economy of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Australia, as well as a concentrated study of Georgia history in eighth grade.  The concepts in science start to become specialized as our students focus primarily on earth, life, and physical sciences. English/language arts skills that our students were exposed to in the lower grades are strengthened and become more challenging as our students delve into the different genres of literature, both general and content vocabulary acquisition, and conventions in grammar usage and writing. 


We teachers are dedicated to Flint River Academy’s mission statement where we “seek to create a challenging and supportive learning environment and encourage high expectations for success and academic excellence through the development of the mind, body, and spirit.”


Promotion Criteria for Grades Sixth through Eighth


Students must pass three out of their four academic classes.  If a student fails math or English/language arts, the student must score above the fiftieth percentile in the Total Language or Total Math on either the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (for sixth and seventh grades) or the PSAT (for eighth grade).

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