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Technology is a dynamic element in every facet of our society and thus it is imperative that today’s students are prepared to successfully utilize the latest technology as they prepare for their next level of education and in later roles in the work force.

Flint River Academy continuously dedicates the financial resources to make certain that our students have the necessary technological resources. During the summer of 2015, all campus facilities were upgraded with a new wired and wireless infrastructure that will allow us to be able to download, stream, and share content at higher speeds. There are currently two computer labs on campus and each student in the lowers school uses Chromebooks in the classroom. In addition, many of our classrooms are equipped with Smart Board technology that allows students to have a more hands-on and interactive learning experience in the classroom.

Flint River Academy employs a full time technology instructor that not only teaches, but assists in the integration of technology into the different curriculum that we offer across our campus.  FRA added drone training for the 9th grade Tech class as shown in the pictures above.

The investment in our technology is continuous and never ending. If you would like to help advance and push further with our technology, we invite those who wish to support our students through our technology fund to click here.

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