Upper School Faculty

Kay Barnes

AP Calculus, Calculus,

Adv. Pre-Cal, Adv. Geometry,

and Adv. Algebra II

Johanna Patrick

College Readiness Mathematics, Geometry, and Algebra I

Hedi England

9th-10th English

11th AP Literature

Lara Greer

11th-12th Grade English


Kathy Perdue

Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science

Nancy Riggins


Julianne Earwood

Government and

AP Government

Jonathan Reneau

8th Social Studies, Economics, US History, and Weight Training

Noah Gulledge

Bible, Health/PE, SAT, and World History

Jennifer Chapman

Speech, Yearbook

Christy McCrary

Spanish I and Spanish II

Beth Buckley

AP CSP, Technology, and

World History

Nataliya Genzlinger


Rick McManus



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