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Upper School Faculty


Kay Barnes

AP Calculus, Calculus,

Adv. Pre-Cal, Adv. Geometry,

and Adv. Algebra II

England, Hedi.jpg

Hedi England

9th Advanced English

11th AP Literature

12th AP Composition

Modlin, Jennifer.jpg

Jennifer Modlin

9th English,

10th and 12th Advanced Composition, 

11th American Literature and 10th SAT Prep

Perdue, Kathy.jpg

Kathy Perdue

Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science

Collins, Tyler.jpg

Tyler Collins

Biology & Anatomy/Physiology


Julianne Earwood

Government and

AP Government

McCrary, Michael.jpg

Michael McCrary

Economics, US and World History, Humanities and SAT Prep

Peyton, Susan.jpg

Susan Peyton

Senior Math, Geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

Chapman, Jennifer.jpg

Jennifer Chapman


McCrary, Christy.jpg

Christy McCrary

Spanish I and Spanish II

Peterson, Keith.jpg

Keith Peterson


Genzlinger, N.jpg

Nataliya Genzlinger


Reiter, Betsy.jpg

Betsy Reiter

Choraliers and Drama

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