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Upper School

FRA's Upper School provides a dynamic college-preparatory curriculum in the tradition of the Liberal Arts, emphasizing breadth and depth of study across a range of disciplines and providing unique opportunities for advanced courses and independent study.

The upper school is informed by a philosophy that puts students at the center of their learning in a dynamic environment where they are challenged to think critically and engage actively in their own education. While preparation for college is central, the mission of the upper school is to lead students to become thoughtful citizens who are responsible to and respectful of themselves and others.

A vital part of the school’s mission is to promote individuals of personal integrity and character who take responsibility for the quality of their own lives and who recognize that they are part of a global community. Beyond its academic goals consistent with a college preparatory education, the faculty is committed to supporting students who will be poised for success yet able to cope with difficulties; will recognize the importance of inter-dependence as well as independence, of cooperation was well as competition; and will choose to move toward a higher vision of what they can accomplish in their lives.


Flint River Academy is dedicated to the expectation that graduates be able to read and write as critical thinkers, with writing skills that are concise, expressive, analytical and persuasive. Graduates are expected to be solid oral communicators as well, and to be active listeners who recognize the value of observation and serious use of both logic and creativity.

FRA Graduation Requirements
  • A minimum of twenty-seven Carnegie Units is required for an honors diploma plus service hours.

  • A minimum of twenty-six Carnegie Units is required for a regular diploma plus service hours.

  • A minimum of twenty-four Carnegie Units is required for a vocational diploma.

  • All students must take one Math, English, Science, and Social Studies course each year in grades 9 – 12. 


The units must be for the courses that follow:

graduation requirements_edited.jpg

A Student must also earn at least 10 service hours per year of high school.


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