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The mission of the Flint River Academy Media Center is to promote a love for reading and provide all patrons with the necessary skills to continue their quest for knowledge through all available media. From pre-kindergarten to graduation, our library works with teachers to impart a love of reading and literature and to teach research skills. Our students have access to more than 12,000 books in the collection, many databases, and a wide range of online resources. For younger students, we begin by inspiring a love of reading and exposing children to a variety of nonfiction and fiction books and literary genres. In the lower grades, we are supported by the Accelerated Reader program.

Mission Statement:

  • Empower students and staff to be effective, discriminating users of information.

  • Encourage collaboration with staff to create learning opportunities that utilize resources, information, and technology in order to increase student achievement.

  • Develop a media collection with resources and technology in a variety of formats that will support the curriculum.

  • To teach effective information literacy skills.

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