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Mrs. Andrea Carroll

School Counselor


706.553.9777 (Fax)

Important Fall 2021 Dates

9/6- Labor Day


9/8- PSAT and SAT Payments Due

8th-9th $14

10th-11th $18

10th-12th taking SAT $55

9/8- 10th- 12th must be registered to take the SAT by today

9/16- FAFSA Meeting @ 6pm in cafeteria

9/21- Picture Day

10/4-10/8- Fall Break

10/ 13- PSAT and SAT @ 8am

11/1- AP Exam fees due $100 each

11/2- ASVAB Testing for 11th grade at 8:30am

11/5- 11th and 12th Probe Fair

11/22-11/26- Thanksgiving Break

12/20-1/3- Christmas Break